Do you still find yourself “triggered” by your past relationships,

even though you have done a ton of work to leave the past in the past?

Are you tired of having your stomach go into knots when you think about

your ex and what happened between the two of you?

How would it feel to let go of the anger, frustration and resentment attached to past

relationships so that you could finally feel free to enjoy your life in the present?

What would happen if you decided to love and care for yourself more than your “story” of the past?

Join Me for My New 3-Week Online Class

An exploration into our patterns and wounds

leading us on a journey into radical self-love


November 3rd, 10th and 17th

We can not change the past, and we have certainly learned that we can not change other people. 

What we CAN change is our perspective. 

By working on ourselves to identify our patterns and blocks, we can change everything about the way we experience our relationships.

Even if you have moved on and are now in a much happier relationship, the wounds from the past can still show up in the present. You may get upset or have fears in your current relationship that actually have their roots in the past!


  • Move forward with more ease by transforming blocks and fears that trigger you and keep you stuck in “fight or flight”

  • Repattern your energetic blueprint, allowing you to open the doorway to attract and experience the types of relationships you truly want

  • Discover clarity on what you want in your life, as well as what you are ready to let go of

  • Create a deeper sense of peace within by opening to the possibility of forgiving yourself, others, and your past

  • Experience the power of Group Healing and benefit from the support and growth of others.  Know that you are not in this alone!

  • Connect with loved ones in a more conscious and compassionate way

This is not just about romantic relationships. Our past contains experiences with lovers, friends, parents, and others, and this class will assist you with examining and transforming the patterns around any of these types of relationships.

You Will Learn

  • Practices and exercises that shift your energy and help you to release things that no longer serve your highest good

  • How to spot what relationship wounds from your past (especially those from childhood) are showing up in the present

  • The power of forgiveness and the blessing of anger

  • Practical tools to release the anger, guilt, and victim energy

  • Simple yet effective strategies to help shift the negative spiral when it starts

  • How to get real with your emotions and give them a voice so you can finally let them go

  • The big illusion we buy into when it comes to relationships and how to release it

  • Ways to deepen your relationship with and love for yourself

Enroll in Clearing the Ex Energy Now

Only $97

November 3rd, 10th, and 17th

What This Class is NOT

  • This is not a gathering to trash our exes, parents, friends, or any other relationship that has caused us hurt in the past.

  • It’s not about complaining, blaming, or re-hashing the story.

  • This is not for you if you recently went through a break-up and are still in the crying, eating Häagen-Dazs and listening to mixed tapes “phase”. (You know that phase!)

This Class IS for You If…

  • You are ready for change and willing to move on

  • You are willing to addresses the mental and emotional aspects of the past and delve into the energetic aspects as well

  • You are a courageous and disciplined warrior willing to cut the cords attached to the past and fly forward toward the future

  • You are committed to doing the work around what is behind your reactions

  • You want to get honest with your feelings of anger, resentment, frustration and disappointment and let them go

  • You are ready and willing to take a fearless inventory of yourself.  We will get to know the good, the painful, and the not so pretty aspects of ourselves and learn to love and accept every single piece of what makes us whole

How It Works

3 Live Webinars with Q&A

Tuesdays Nov. 3rd, 10th, and 17th
5:30-7:00pm PST

Can’t make the call live? No problem!  The videos will be available on the website the next day.

Worksheets, Exercises, and Modalities

Detailed exercises, practices, and inquiries to help you get clear and transform your unconscious blocks and patterns. These will be used on our calls together and will be in pdf format.

Bonus Material Customized for the Group

Extra tools for the tool box to help you integrate the shifts.  These will be selected specifically for this group.

Optional Private Facebook Group

Join the facebook group to connect with other like-minded souls.  Participation is completely optional, and Beth will be checking in to see how everyone is doing.

Enroll in Clearing the Ex Energy Now

Only $97

November 3rd, 10th, and 17th

What People are Saying

“Beth brings an in-the-bones knowledge of the energy systems she uses, along with an innate creativity that gives great depth, heart and substance to her work. Her confidence in the system, coupled with her exquisite ear and knack for getting right to the heart of the issue, makes a session with her a truly transformative joy. My sessions with Beth never fail to lift me to higher states of coherence, peace and a desire for more.”


“It is Beth who makes the magic happen. Through her expertise in kinesiology and repatterning work, she is able to shift our challenges and obstacles into opportunities and openings.  I’ve gained more confidence in my journey through Beth’s work, as well as a deepened appreciation for myself and the amazing unseen powers of the Universe.”


“Beth’s energy direction and most importantly her ability to create a safe space while doing the work is what is rare. It has succeeded in making me more at home and authentic in my own skin and has grounded me in a way that has changed the way I walk through the world. It is the best investment in you that you can make.”


“Beth is able to hold a sacred space with clarity and grace, while gently guiding a deeply internal process for growth. I trust her clarity and her method. I highly recommend her to assist with clearing trauma to promote healing. In addition she can help to enhance quality of life and joy for the more advanced seeker.”


“Beth’s ability to gently use each modality with acumen, proficiency and sensitivity is outstanding. She maintains her centered, neutral position well no matter what the depth of the material is that is being released by her client in their healing process.”


“Beth is a remarkable and gifted healer. She has an ability to hold the space for healing and transformation for her clients in a way that feels safe as well as exciting.”


about beth

Elizabeth Polito has traveled extensively teaching healing work and Yoga, and is passionate about empowering and assisting others in personal transformation. She has worked as a Teaching Assistant/Mentor with The Reconnection, is a Certified Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning, a 500 RYT Certified Yoga Instructor, a Certified Starlight Worker in Llumination the Quest, a Certified Akashic Records Reader, and is trained in several other modalities, including the 111 Activation™ and Matrix Energetics. She has been working as a Life and Higher Awareness Coach since 2004, and works with clients across the United States and in the UK.

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