What People Are Saying About Beth

If you are thinking about it…just do it.  Simple as that. I received both a Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection from Beth; HER work and THE work are truly life altering. I know that probably sounds like hyperbole, but it’s true. The Reconnective Healing helped with an injury I sustained while doing a show & the energy shift around it was amazingly long lasting. The Reconnection, though, is, well, quite simply, profound. Beth’s energy direction & most importantly her ability to create a safe space while doing the work is what is rare. It has succeeded in making me more at home & authentic in my own skin & has grounded me in a way that has changed the way I walk through the world. It is the best investment in you that you can make.”

~ Ann

“My Resonance Repatterning session with Beth was nothing less than life changing. She is able to hold a sacred space with clarity and grace, while gently guiding a deeply internal process for growth. I trust her clarity and her method. I highly recommend her to assist with clearing trauma and promote healing. In addition, she can help to enhance the quality of life and joy for the more advanced seeker.”

~ Aleia N. O’Reilly, LMT-AM
Founder – Director of Further Shore, Inc.

“Beth is a gifted healing agent with every modality that she uses. I have experienced her work as a facilitator in the Llumination “game”, as a Reconnective Healing practitioner and as a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner. Her ability to gently use each method with acumen, proficiency, and sensitivity is outstanding. She maintains her centered, neutral position well no matter what the depth of the material is that is being released by her client in their healing process. I have found every one of my own growth journeys with Beth to be a rich and rewarding experience. She is a strong Light worker and I am blessed by her presence in so many aspects of my life.”

Meryl Chodosh-Weiss, MA, MSW, LCSW

“From our first conversation, Beth has provided a compassionate, trusting and knowledgeable environment. Those qualities have contributed to her work, allowing me to continue to advance and improve goals I have set for myself. Her support, life coaching, and repatterning efforts have helped me through troubling times, often finding a higher value in those life lessons. As a wellness practitioner and life coach, she has always exceeded my expectations. Our continued work has encouraged me to seek out better health in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend anyone seeking to make life improvements contact Beth without hesitation – she’s amazing!”

~ Aaron

“I don’t know a lot about Resonance Repatterning and I have to admit I was skeptical when it was suggested for my 1 yr old cat, Smitty. He has a congenital spinal deformity that blocks nerve messages to his internal organs. We were at the vet multiple times a week for months. His bills and medications were over $5000 and climbing. After just 2 sessions with Beth, Smitty was a different cat-happier, more playful and his intestines were functioning better. We have been able to avoid medical procedures, limit medications and have had 1 vet visit for a wellness check in the last month. I didn’t know the details of Beth’s work. I now know the benefits.”

~ Cam

“A session with Beth is a gift indeed. Beth brings an in-the-bones knowledge of the energy systems she uses, along with an innate creativity, that gives great depth, heart and substance to her work. Her confidence in the system, coupled with her exquisite ear and knack for getting right to the heart of the issue, makes a session with her a truly transformative joy. My sessions with Beth never fail to lift me to higher states of coherence, peace and a desire for more.”

~ Clare

“Beth’s yoga nidra techniques are a fundamental part of my stress management, physical health and general well-being. As a lawyer, I use her techniques to deal with the demands of a high-stress job.  I’ve experienced an immediate difference in my quality of sleep, workout recovery, emotional responses, and general sense of well-being. I strongly recommend her meditation and yoga instruction without hesitation or reservation.”

~ Michael

“I have experienced sessions with Beth including Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Resonance Repatterning and The Llumination Game, and I feel confident in saying that she is a remarkable and gifted healer. Beth has an ability to hold the space for healing and transformation for her clients in a way that feels safe as well as exciting.  I was immediately able to feel, sense and see the changes and deepening in my own life and work after my Reconnection.  In Resonance Repatterning sessions with Beth we’ve been able to quickly identify long held patterns and beliefs in my system and create positive shifts and new patterns that serve me so much better!  The Llumination Game is a particular favorite of mine as I’ve been a Tarot reader for nearly 30 years.  This is an amazing tool for transformation using the archetypal aspects of the cards to help us see clearly steps that are needed in our various quests.  Beth’s compassion and humor while facilitating these games allows for some truly wonderful healing to occur.”

~ Joie

“Elizabeth Polito has the touch of an angel! My darling cat with large cell lymphoma would walk into her healing hands and you could see him react to the energy she was giving to him. 

Because of her healing work my beloved cat found strength and peace before he transitioned. What she did for him and myself is something I cherish to this day.

~Michelle L.

“Thank you so much for the amazing healing I received during our repatterning session over the phone! You are truly a gifted healer whose work has enlightened and enhanced my life on a deeply profound level! It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend this work to anyone who wants to experience more love, peace, happiness, and balance in their lives, the way I’ve experienced it in mine! Thank God that you have found your “soul purpose” work as a healer because the world desperately needs it.”

~ Chris

“It is Beth who makes the magic happen. Through her expertise in kinesiology and repatterning work, she is able to shift our challenges and obstacles into opportunities and openings.  I’ve gained more confidence in my journey through Beth’s work, as well as a deepened appreciation for myself and the amazing unseen powers of the Universe.”

~ Kathy

“After trying to get pregnant for almost two years, undergoing numerous and varied fertility treatments, acupuncture, diet changes, and being told point blank by not one but two fertility doctors that it would be HIGHLY unlikely that I would be able to get pregnant using my own eggs, Beth and Reconnective Healing were recommended to me by a friend.  I admit I was skeptical, but willing to try anything (since I had already tried everything else!) My first healing session with Beth was truly awe-inspiring.  I felt calmer, more centered than I had since my infertility journey began.  As a bonus, a long-time minor injury became completely pain-free… And I decided to go back for a second session!

I’m so glad I did.  That month, for the first time, my body responded well to fertility treatment and we had a successful IVF cycle… and I AM PREGNANT!!!  I am 100% sure that the work Beth did with me made it possible for me to get pregnant, when so many Doctors had told me otherwise. I am so grateful to Beth, to the Universe, and to Reconnective Healing for this incredible gift.”

~ Kristin

“I have never felt more supported, cared for, and safe then when I talk to or work with Beth.  Our conversations have always been filled with humor and laughter, which has been a huge help to me when looking at life issues and my personal challenges.  Working with Beth helps me see the “Big Picture” and has made it simpler for me to do my part and let positive forces all around me do theirs; Forces that she seems to have a direct line to and is gracious enough to share with the rest of us.”

~ Billy

“The work I have done with Beth has meant so much to me.  I feel empowered, informed, and free.  I’ve noticed the positive results from our work in all areas of my life: personal, professional, social, everything.  The work we have done has benefited the people in my life, as well, from my sharing it with them.  I feel blessed to have such a compassionate, intelligent, and sensitive guide to assist me in attacking my fears and seeking happiness.”

~ Mike

“I knew it was time to ask for help when I went through the emotional trauma of infertility.  After years of trying to conceive, the disappointment and grief was overwhelming.  Beth guided me through several exercises that helped me realize the truth of my innermost feelings.  Words that I had never expressed came to my mind as I realized the grief, anger, resentment, and blame I had been afraid to express.   I felt safe and secure working through these emotions with Beth.  I knew that identifying these emotions would be the first step toward moving through them and releasing them.  Now that I can recognize these thoughts, I can accept them and learn from them.  Infertility can be a very lonely and painful experience but the knowledge I have gained about myself has been invaluable.  Beth has been my guiding light and for that I can’t thank her enough!”

~ Denise

“Beth is an exceptional listener and motivator.  She helps me identify the fears and obstacles that challenge me, and then inspires me to tackle them. And Beth’s approach is unique in that everything she shares with me has been positive, patient and proactive. I am very grateful for her and for this work.”

~ Karen

“Beth’s work is both insightful and comprehensive. It fits simply and smoothly into your daily tasks, yet over time provides life altering results.  She has given me the ability to be clearer with my needs and more focused in my efforts to attain them. I now find myself to be a better wife, artist and citizen of my community. These are meaningful changes and I will continue this work personally as well as continuing to recommend Beth and this work to others. I now look forward to the future and the richness and depth of my growth in my life experiences.”

~ Shannon

“Beth’s work with me always produces some thought or physical shift that completes a puzzle. All I do is stay “open and receptive” and true transformation unfolds and reveals itself to me. Beth has a beautiful spirit that is completely grounded while still connecting to the powers that lie beyond what we can see. Her work is life-altering!”

~ Kathy

“I came to this work looking for something to help me take advantage of new developments in my life and to stop looking back.  I’ve had the wonderful experience of learning to have less expectation and more trust in what IS.  Beth has had a wonderful ability in helping me align with a fast track to abundance and, at the same time, peace.  I feel less stress and more real appreciation of the moment.  Thanks.”

~ Arthur

“Thank you for such an amazing afternoon. As a person who has NEVER done yoga of any sort before, I have to tell you that I am amazed at how energizing and how spiritual it was. You made me feel comfortable and capable and relaxed and sooo unbelievably connected. I always think of this gift of healing as something that I am supposed to share with others and I find myself frustrated because I don’t seem to be doing that. This made me realize that it is okay to just make the connection, sort of , for myself. You presented it with such ease, as though we’ve known each other for years. Thank you for this gift. Thank you, thank you!”

~ Suzanne